Aarnikota muurikkalätyt Luosto

Luosto – Restaurant Aarnikota

As a traditional Laplander's hut Aarnikota is the perfect place to experience authentic taste of wilderness. Groups up to 25 people can dine in while our chef prepares local specialities from the very best ingredients in the area. Our menus are based on organic and local ingredients and we are more than happy to provide you with a dinner to remember.

Please feel free to contact our sales so we can taylor an event for you!

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Dinner in Luosto – group menus by the fire

We offer a very authentic atmosphere for a get together as a private event!

Let us know in advance how many and when so we can prepare an evening to remember!


We can seat groups up to 20 people for a 3 course dinner by open fire!

Groups over 20 people we offer our "open fire buffets" even up to 70 people (40 seats outside) weather allowing that is.


Our minimum charge for any group size is 500€.

Any sales under 500€ we will charge as rent.


All menus include black pot coffee or tea and water.


Menu Aarni

Mushroom soup


Blazed salmon, fingerling potatoes and horseradish-crème fraiche

Crepes, jam and whipped cream



All menus include black pot coffee or tea and water

Menu Jänkä

Lappish Plank

-selection of local specialities

Grilled reindeer roast beef, roasted root vegetables and Morel mushroom sauce

Caramelized apples, oat crumble and vanilla ice cream



All menus include black pot coffee or tea and water

Buffet from open fire - Chill and eat

Lappish pan

Reindeer sausages, root vegetables, roasted pork belly and fingerling potatoes. On the side horseradish creme fraiche, pickled cucumbers and lingonberries.

30 € / hlö

Northern Paella

Reindeer-chorizoa, arctic char, mussels, hand peeled prawns and seasonal vegetables. Made from the one and only Paella rice, Bomba!

35 € / hlö

Sauteed Reindeer

The most traditional food from finnish lapland. Sauteèd reindeer, mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam and pickled cucumbers. A Classic!

30 € / hlö

Spend a great event in Luosto

Summon the troops for a great night in Aarnikota! Enjoy the atmosphere with your friends and spend a night to remember.

Weather allowing there is 40 seats outside to admire the views and aurora borealis.


Lovely atmosphere!

"The atmosphere is amazing, we'll come back soon!"

By the cross-country track

"A great stop next to the cross-country track. Aarnilampi lake is beautiful!"

Best crepes

"The crepes are so great, you should definitely try them."